Hair wigs maintenance and cleaning

In this bald age, wigs have become the darling of many people to change their styles and fashion. But knowing how to wear a custom lace closure wig but not being able to take care of it is often the distress of many people. After wearing a wig a few times, it begins to dry and knot, and has to be left unused.

Hair wigs maintenance and cleaning

Wigs also need regular maintenance and cleaning. Hair friends must be patient to do the following points in order to be supple and bright as ever.

1.It is best not to wash the wig more than two weeks. Before washing, use a comb to comb the wig neatly, and then dilute the conditioner with water to soak the wig.

2. When combing the wig, comb it in stages, with light and slow force. When you encounter knots, don’t pull it hard. You can apply a special maintenance fluid for the wig, and then slowly untie those knots by hand.

3. When cleaning the wig, try not to wash it with ordinary shampoo, but use the special maintenance liquid for the wig to ensure the service life of the wig.

4. Pay attention when washing the wig, remember not to scrub with your hands, let alone soak the wig in detergent. Instead, use your hands to slowly smooth the wig until there is no foam on it, and then let it dry naturally.

5. When the wig is not worn in normal times, it should be returned to the original packaging and taken out when it is used; in order to prevent knotting, it is best to use a special bracket to support the wig.

6. Spray some care solution and nutrient solution each time before wearing a wig, and then use a small steel comb to comb the hair from the end. After combing, spray the nutrient solution again to adjust and fix the wig shape.

7. Avoid spraying styling water and hair gel on the wig as much as possible. This will make the wig sticky and difficult to clean. It will also reduce the gloss of the wig and cause hair damage.


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